‘Attendance with HAPPY NUN’ Mural painting was made on the back road of Changyoung Elementary School in Bucheon City ~! Please go to school more fun with HAPPY NUN.

I invite you to Ani Salon

Invitation to Annie Salon Today only! I will prepare a gift with plenty of December’s heart !! #ClorkHouse #Display #December 6th to 17th #Anise Salon #Indie Ani Fest #Korean Independent Animation Association #Fun #Myeongdong #Talk with the Director

Stair mural work

It is a stairway mural around the Catholic University of Bucheon, Yeonggok-dong ~ ^^ Thank you to everyone in Bucheon City Hall Comics Department, Korea Comic Film Promotion Agency, Jungwoo Design, and local residents for your help ~! (665 Buoyo, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do)